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Мейкинг-оф. Создание дорог. Часть — II

Texturing roads.

There are many ways. I use this method. it is different in procedural creation (you can create this material alone once and use it in other projects)

if you use this method, you can easily improve this road texture. For example, here you can add a trace of the car, puddles etc.

well, to resume.

a little step back. I’ll show details texturing large landscapes.

and creating puddles on wet roads. We use a ready-made material from previous experiences.
I chose the hot day after a heavy rain. you always have to count your steps. Try to do as well as it does in nature. feel yourself a Creator!

I analyzed the real pictures. a puddles are always going to the edge of the road and on the tracks from the auto. this can be achieved either in Photoshop (draw a mask), or create a «puddle» in 3ds max

you should notice. I use as a mask the new material Vray. it is distans texture. is an indispensable material! before I had to do a lot of routine work. Now it was very easy!

I want to add to that. this all renders of the examples it’s «clean» render. out of work in Photoshop

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А как быть если Англ. языком не владеешь?)


переведем, чесслова. есть много статей, уроков, которые мы размещали на домейне, когда этот ресурс был на самом подъеме. все сюда перейдет. скоро. до пенсии точно.

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